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 by Igor Muchin

Creative duo by Dasha Delone & Dima Shapiro

 They work in the technique of painting, sculpture, photography, installations and video. In their art works artists study time. In their minds time is like a pendulum moving forward and backward, not rectilinearly, rather cyclically, where memory returns time back, again and again. People are running inside this closed time cycle, unable to escape from it. Time comes back - in dreams, thoughts or through repetitions of the history in real life. For the artists and the characters of their art works, time is both symbolic and material. Time can be tough. Time can ruin lives. A person can be crushed by time, his memory can be distorted or half-erased. Time is ruthless. 
Every piece of works is permeated with the sense of time. The works are symbolic and make both viewers and characters follow the Time as if they follow after the Pied Piper of Hamelin. 
”DaDim do not offer any plot, the plot arises in the mind of the viewer through their personal experience, separately and individually from the others. 
The authors appeal to intelligible symbols, but they put them in a different context, and that simultaneously confuses and helps to immerse into that very own, independent plot. 
Artists really talk about time – but they do not talk about it directly, they create an impression of time, referring us to eternity.” 


Kirill Kharatyan

chief editor of the Vedomosti newspaper

Selected Exhibitions



• Solo exhibition at ArtRiga. Riga. Latvia. 

• Open Pula Biennial of Drawings 2021.

• "Parallel World" gallery of the Kranj Art Society in Slovenia.


• Solo exhibition "Totems, Myths, Images". The State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow


• Solo exhibition "Grains of Sand and Void" Mark Rothko Art Centre, Daugavpils, Latvia 

• Solo exhibition "Levitation". MO Gallery. Riga. Latvia

• Solo exhibition "The upcoming: Space-Time" MYRO gallery. Thessaloníki, Greece

• Solo exhibition "Where we are? Who we are?" Gamrekeli Gallery/გალერეა გამრეკელი, Tbilisi, Georgia

• Chittagong Open ART Biennale

• Scope New York

• "Fathers and Sons". The left wing of the house of Gogol. Moscow​


• Solo exhibition "Archaic Perspectives", DaDim art group & Georgi Litichevsky . Fabrika CCI, Moscow

• Solo exhibition "From feeling to image" Fonticus City Gallery, Groghnjan, Istria, Croatia

• "Angles of Reflection". Curated by James Tyler. GARNER Arts Festival, Garner arts center, New York
• "Fest of Love and Labor" , Moscow

• "A Standing Wave." Collaboration DaDim and Roberta Weissman Nagy, Croatia. Mitki art center, Sankt-Petersburg​


• Solo exhibition "On the Eve ". Fabrika CCI, Moscow

• Solo exhibition “After Sidur”. Vadim Sidur Museum, Moscow Museum and Exhibition Association Manege Moscow. 

• Solo exhibition “To whom a prolog – and to whom an epilog”. Moscow State Bulgakov Museum, Moscow. 

• "Putch Dimonov" Mitki art center, Sankt-Petersburg​


• ArtRiga. Riga. Latvia. 

• “PlayGraund”. Graund peschanaya Gallery. Moscow.

• Scope Art Bazel. Bazel. Switzerland. 

• Art Vilnus. Vilnus. Litvania. Caravan Gallery, Paris

• Caravan Inernational Art Forum of Contemporary art, Kutaisi Georgia

• "Otmorozilis". Moscow, Zverev Contemporary Arts Center


• Aqua Art Miami. Miami. USA. 

• ArtRiga. Riga. Latvia. 

• Affordable Art Fair (Seoul) 

• Art Show 21, International Art Plener, Slovakia, Stara Lubovna.

• “Thoughts Aloud!”, Moscow, Zverev Contemporary Arts Center

• Affordable art fair, Singapore

• “Ceremonial portrait”, Moscow, Studio 50A, Studio Kop


• Solo exhibition “Not Exactly Animals”, Moscow, Zverev Contemporary Arts Center

• Kölner Liste art-fair, Cologne, Germany

• “The First Catalogue of the Third Avant-garde, Moscow, Zverev Contemporary Arts Center


• Museum of Everything. Exhibition №5, Moscow, Garage Art Gallery

• Exhibition of “Everything is Art” artists’ association as part of the Sakhart festival, Moscow

• “Calendar Presentation”, Moscow, Artplay Gallery, 

• “The Third Avant-Garde. North Pole” project, on board of the nuclear-powered icebreaker “50 Let Pobedy” and at the North Pole itself

• Aqua Art Miami contemporary art fair, Miami-Beach, USA


• Solo exhibition “Everything’s Not Now”, Moscow, Pokrovka, 27

• “Melomaniacs-2”, Moscow, Zverev Contemporary Arts Center

• The First Exhibition of the Third Avant-garde, Pokrovka, 27


• “God, Chicks and Booze”, Moscow, Vspolny Art Gallery


• “A Small Exhibition”, Moscow, Pokrovka, “Everything is Art” gallery

• “Melomaniacs”, Moscow, Zverev Contemporary Arts Center


• Solo exhibition “By Tail and Claw”, Moscow, Arbat, Liza Plavinskaya’s gallery

• “Universam” – the bazaar of artists’ associations” as part of the parallel program of the Third Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Izvestia-Hall

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